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Registered sites, companies and suppliers hosted a number of events for the recent

Child Safety Week (1-7 June), supported by popular industry mascot Ivor Goodsite.



June 2015

Issue 37

Ivor Goodsite and

Child Safety Week 2015

The annual safety drive is organised

by the Child Accident Prevention

Trust (CAPT) to raise awareness

of child accidents and provide

essential preventative advice.

This year proved to be an

enormous success, with Ivor

covering thousands of miles the

length and breadth of the UK

to help sites spread the safety

message. Activities he helped with

included helpling delivery safety

presentations as well as handing

out leaflets and giving fun packs to

children and visitors.

The Scheme has supported CAPT’s

valuable initiative for a number

of years and encourages its

registered sites, companies and

suppliers to take part and help

raise safety awareness within their


This year’s safety theme was ‘Tea-

time Terrors’ which focused on this

accident-prone time of day, when

busy parents and excitable children

are at greater risk of injury at home

or on the road.

Ivor Goodsite is a costumed

character who is available to

all registered sites, companies

and suppliers to assist them in

educating children about the

importance of safety in and around

construction sites and to promote

all that is positive about the UK

construction industry.

As well as hiring the Ivor Goodsite

costume, there were a number of

Ivor-related products which can

help reinforce the safety message

and remind children of the day.

For more information on Ivor

Goodsite, click

here .

To read about this year’s Child

Safety Week, click