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During March, the Scheme shone its spotlight on mental health which affects a

quarter of the population each year.

June 2015

Issue 37



The response the Scheme received

from the industry once ‘Spotlight

on... mental health’ launched was


This was reflected by

over 300

responses to the Scheme’s

survey on mental health. The

survey revealed that

over 58%

of participants have had, or have

worked with someone with, mental

health issues.

A further


felt unable, or

embarrassed to speak about

these issues, and over a third of

respondents believed there was

no support available. A huge


of people did not feel there was

enough information available

at work.

The good news is that more and

more of those registered with the

Scheme are providing information

to workers about the issue, initial

findings from a recent Scheme

Monitors’ survey reveal.

There are already a number of

campaigns and examples of best

practice demonstrated within the

construction industry. However

there is still much that can be done

to raise awareness and provide

support to those affected by

mental health issues, as highlighted

by the Scheme’s survey.

Visit the

Best Practice Hub


is continuously updated with new

examples of best practice and

innovation which address mental

health issues within the industry.

‘Spotlight on…mental health’


Mental health survey results:

• 58% of participants have

suffered from mental health


• 63% felt unable to speak to

anyone about these issues.

• 33% stated that there is no

support available.

• 79% do not feel there is

enough information and

awareness available about

mental health at work.

• 47% do not know if their

company has a mental health


• 77% have suffered from

work related stress, with 71%

being absent as a result.

• 63% of stress sufferers were

able to explain the true

reason for their absence to

management, with half of

respondents experiencing

support and understanding

from their employers.

• 66% of respondents benefit

from an open door policy at

work, providing a platform

to highlight and discuss any

issues affecting them.

To read the update article in

full, click

here .