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The Scheme will be launching a new service called Building Social Value, which will

provide Scheme-registered sites a way to capture the social value created through a

construction site - both during the site’s lifetime and after it has been completed.


A new way to assess your

social value

The Scheme will carry out Building

Social Value assessments to any

registered site on request for a

small fee.

Building Social Value is particularly

important since the Social Value

Act came into force in 2013 - which

has created a real focus on how the

construction industry creates social


The Act created a formal

requirement placed on public

sector organisations to consider the

economic, social and environmental

benefits for local communities,

as well as the overall cost, when

awarding contracts. It’s particularly

local community, local economy

and local environment. It provides

a framework within which Scheme

registered sites can collate and

communicate their social value

results in a clear and quantifiable


By using the Scheme to carry out

the assessment, contractors gain

a professional, third-party review

which helps to inform themselves

and their clients of the impact they

are having.

relevant for constructors wishing

to expand their business within the

public sector which spends over

£200 billion a year on procurement.

The service has been created in

collaboration with a number of

major contractors, clients and

local government, who have

been instrumental in defining,

supporting and piloting the

service to make sure that it works


Building Social Value collates the

impact a construction site has had

in creating social value within the