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September 2015

Issue 38



• Comprehensive sun protection

was offered to the workforce,

introducing a ventilated neck

sun protector with sweat

headband for wearing under

site helmets which were hi-

vis and company branded.

The neck protectors provided

protection by covering the

neck, ears and shoulder areas

and were easily washable.

Value their Workforce

• Managers engaged with the

workforce to build a rapport

by introducing the ‘3pm

Check-back’ initiative. Site

management teams’mobiles

were sent reminders at 3pm

to go on to site and speak to

operatives, ensuring the whole

workforce was covered. This

was to make sure operatives

were all feeling well and not

over-stressed ahead of driving

home after a day’s work. This

was introduced in recognition

that in many instances, the

operatives had been getting up

at about 5am to get to work on


• The same site recognised and

addressed the issue of worker

fatigue by recording travel

distances and methods for

all personnel so that anyone

with a particularly long or

difficult journey to work was

monitored by a member of

the site management team.

An additional work break was

offered with refreshments

provided if signs of fatigue

were identified.



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Practice Hub for more

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