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The design and build of a completely new £14m secondary school in Hartlepool to

replace the former facility has been highly praised by the Scheme (CCS).


September 2015

Issue 38


Kier Construction’s Manor

Community Academy project

A bright and modern 1250-pupil

capacity school, Manor Community

Academy (formerly Manor College),

has been constructed on the same

footprint as the old school, thanks

to Kier Construction.

Kier has been praised for receiving

exceptional and excellent scores

in all areas of the Scheme’s

Code of Considerate Practice,

from developing meaningful

relationships with the school and

community, to presenting an

impeccable image.

Outlining the project, Kier’s Neil

Hosie said the Manor Community

Academy was being constructed

under the government’s Priority

School Building Programme (PSBP),

which addresses the needs of

schools most in need of urgent


He said: “Kier have worked with

their chosen design team and the

Education Funding Agency (EFA)

as well as the school to develop

the project through a fast track

tendering period, taking the design

from a blank piece of paper to

commencing on site inside eight


“The process was greatly assisted

by the collaborative method of

working and trust which was

built up quickly with all of the

stakeholders, such as the local

and statutory authorities, local

residences and planners.

“Throughout this initial tender

period Kier used its specialist

knowledge in the education

sector and experience in working

in similar environments to

carefully consider the constraints

and implications associated

with working in a ‘live’ school

environment and within close

proximity to residential properties.”

Neil explained: “First and foremost,

the site team’s main drive has been

to ensure that the environment

we are working in is one of safety,

consideration and open and honest

communications to allow our

neighbours to fully understand and

support the project.”

Describing the benefits of

registering sites, he said: “Being

part of the Scheme and achieving

its aims and values enhances our

reputation across these three areas

and encourages our supply chain to

do the same.

“Success with the CCS ensures our

corporate responsibility is being

addressed across the three areas

and not focused on one area in


“Getting CSR right can improve

business through risk reduction,

lowering carbon emissions,

increasing the skill level of the

local workforce and bringing

employment to the local area, all of

which raises our company profile

with our stakeholders.”

He added: “On the social

responsibility side, we endeavour

to ease local economic issues

through the development of a local

sustainable supply chain, which in

turn can lead to local employment