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September 2015

Issue 38

Neil explains the challenges

encountered on the project:-

“We designed and located the new

school to the rear of the existing

one to reduce the interface with

the existing school and ensure the

teaching of the children wasn’t

compromised in any way.

“Basically, we created a wall

between us with one-way vision

panels so the school could watch

the construction process and

encourage children to consider a

career in construction.

“As a consequence of its position

the main access into the site was

through a residential area; while

not ideal, this mitigated the risk of

site traffic passing the front of the

schools, and between a primary

school, as this was the only other

viable route.

“In adopting this route we needed

to liaise with ward councillors

and Hartlepool Council highways

department, and to meet and

present our proposals to the


“Our project manager represented

Kier at the planning meeting to

answer any direct concerns. From

this we established a monthly

residents group in the local

community centre which gave

residents the opportunity to freely

raise any concerns.

“To win over hearts and minds, one

of the residents also had a burger/

sandwich van, so we invited her to

position it in the purpose-made

operative car park. This was a win/

win situation as it enabled the

operatives to remain on site during

lunchtime (reducing traffic) and

provided an income stream back

into the community.”

The Manor Community Academy

project has its own specific CSR

(Corporate Social Responsibility)

plan and the Scheme is integrated

within this framework, along

with the BITC (Business in the

Community) – HRH the Prince

of Wales’ responsible business


Neil said: “To ensure we remain

focused on achieving excellence,

we have regular meetings with

stakeholders and we have a CR

manager who sets a minimum CCS

score for us to achieve.

“The values of the Scheme are

presented to our supply chain

operatives through our active

and positive promotion of the

tangible benefits that it brings.

Communication of this is given by

site inductions, toolbox talks and

safety committees.

“We actively promote the Scheme

at various levels within our

business, but none more so than

the grass roots of our supply chain.

This is where we see the actual

benefit and real change in the

perception of the construction


“We link in with construction

students from the local college to

act as construction ambassadors

as well as the CITB. Regular site

visits, newsletters and PR stories are

shared with the local community

and we promote CCS to ALL our

subcontractors and also potential

subcontractors at ‘meet the buyer’


“CCS sets a standard and

benchmark which, through positive

competition, allows not only main

contractors, but everybody, a real

chance to show how exciting and

fantastic the construction industry


“The Scheme allows Kier to set the

standard for our supply chain and

our peers to follow, enabling us

to share our core values of being

“enthusiastic, collaborative and

forward thinking.”

Being part of

the Scheme and

achieving its aims

and values enhances

our reputation across

these three areas

and encourages our

supply chain to do

the same.