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September 2015

Issue 38



Institute of Building) and the West

End Community Council.

“We also opened up the site as a

training venue for local firefighters,

working with them as they tackled

a number of highly challenging

rescue exercises on a live site


“The project has created a number

of full-time, apprentice and

graduate positions and we have

provided more than 80 hours of

work experience placements so far.”

Commenting on the environmental

considerations, he said: “We have

introduced a number of working

practices from toolbox talks to the

use of rear-end loading skips and

water and energy-saving initiatives.

“We have also worked with

our supply chain to avoid the

generation of waste, rather than

rely on recycling alone. Through

these and other measures,

monitored by the CCS, we have

improved the project’s BREEAM

rating from ‘Very Good’ to


Not without its challenges, the

project’s main hurdle was traffic

management along the busy Perth

Road – the only highway into and

out of the massive site, set at a 90

degree angle, making it awkward

for large vehicles.

Mark explained: “We’ve had

thousands of wagons leaving

and entering the site and it has

taken a lot of planning, goodwill

and the development of an

excellent relationship with our

site neighbours to successfully

negotiate this challenge.

“This proactive engagement

was also used in mitigating any

unavoidable noise and nuisance

– such as the noise resulting from

polishing concrete floor slabs into

the night; we explained to our

site neighbours exactly what was

going to happen and why it was


“We have been aiming for

openness throughout the project,

taking a holistic view on reducing

any negative impact on our

neighbours as far as possible. This

has been very warmly received

by the public who feel we have

taken them along as the project


Commenting on his overall

experience of registering with the

Scheme, Mark said: “The credibility

of the scoring system, the detailed

feedback from the Monitors and

the resources and case studies

available on the CCS website all

combine to ensure that we have

access to good information on

best practice and on how we can

raise our game as considerate


Robertson certainly proved its

considerate credentials at the

Scheme’s 2015 National Site

Awards, scooping an impressive

eight awards overall, including

the Gold for the Harris Academy


Derek Shewan, Chief Operating

Officer for Robertson said: “We are

tremendously proud of our results

at the Considerate Constructors

Scheme National Site Awards 2015,

which demonstrate that we have

built and maintained a positive

image, both with the public and

the industry.”