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September 2015

Issue 38

Wates Living Space has spoken of the community and customer benefits gained

from its long-held association with the Scheme.

Dedicated to developing and

maintaining affordable housing

throughout the UK, Wates Living

Space has been registering with the

CCS for 17 years and is an Associate

Member of the Scheme.

Commenting on Wates’ highly

praised project to construct six

two-storey homes on two plots in

Barnett Avenue and Barlow Hall

Road, Manchester, in partnership

with Southway Housing Trust,

is Project Manager Michael


Michael said: “The Scheme creates

a culture of transparency and

allows us to benchmark our CSR

(Corporate Social Responsibility)

activities against the industry, of

which we regularly outperform.

“The requirements of the Scheme

influence the DNA of our sites

and are an integral part of our

site set ups. We constantly strive

for new initiatives under the key

assessment headers and this

enables us to constantly improve as

a business.”

Situated in a residential suburb

of south Manchester, the sites

at Barnett Avenue and Barlow

Hall Road had schools and shops

nearby, while the main site was

situated next to a day-care centre

for children and elderly people.

Demonstrating excellent

community relations, the site

team provided an informative

public noticeboard, supported

local charities and even presented

neighbours with awards for having

the best kept local gardens.

Praising the project, Scheme

Monitor Phil Hughes said: “The

overall impression is of a site which

is making extraordinary efforts in

relation to the scale of the job and

making significant achievements in

all areas of the Code of Considerate


How the Scheme created

confidence in the community

for Wates Living Space