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September 2015

Issue 38



“The external appearance of the

site is excellent, with freshly painted

hoardings at the front and rear, and

a large amount of information on

display. Public viewing is provided

through mesh gates at the front

and a viewing panel at the rear.”

He added: “Environmental

procedures are also exceptional

with goodwill environmental works

in the area, encouragement of local

recycling by awarding a prize, the

use of a water butt and on-site


Waste and carbon footprint

statistics were also displayed for

the workforce and the public, while

environmentally-friendly initiatives

include a cycle safety induction

talk and monthly prizes awarded to

eco-friendly workers.

Also singled out for praise was the

employment of three apprentices

on site and career guidance

information being distributed with

letter drops, as well as the provision

of a nurse on site once a month.

Asked if the team had tackled any

challenges during the project,

Michael said: “In terms of the

community, identifying which

groups or organisations to support

is a challenge due to the volume of


“Another challenge, in respect of

the environment, is encouraging

our workforce to buy-in to cycle

initiatives which are part of

our green transport strategy to

minimise our environmental


Asked how the Scheme is

helping to improve the image of

construction, Michael said: “It’s

creating a competitive appetite

amongst our internal teams which

means there is a constant striving

for improvement.

“The Scheme has helped us engage

better with the public and wider

community, such as schools, which

has helped improve the image of us

as a business.

“We feel the support offered is

sufficient and my experience of

audits is positive, the Monitor

will offer a fair reflection of our

achievements and also offer

suggestions and advice for


Asked to sum up his experience

of registering with the Scheme,

Michael said: “It’s easy to register

and the process benefits our team.”

If you would like to register

a site with the Scheme,


here .