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September 2015

Issue 38

An established company, Norriskips

has been serving the construction

industry, local communities and

businesses throughout south and

south-east London, north Kent and

East Surrey for over 40 years.

It cemented its successful

partnership with the Scheme by

becoming a Company Partner in

January 2014, demonstrating its

consistent performance to a high


Partners meet regularly to share

best practice and develop new

ideas and initiatives.

Kieron answers a few questions

about different aspects of the

Scheme and how registration has

enhanced operations at Norriskips

andWaste Management:-

How do you incorporate the

requirements of the Scheme into

your working practices?

We have always been acutely

aware of the importance of our

perception, both by customers and

the general public.

Every aspect of our appearance -

driver’s uniforms, the condition of

our vehicles and containers, plus

how we talk to and treat customers

over the telephone, are all crucial to

our ongoing success.

We are a waste management

company by trade, so being

environmentally conscious is core

to our business. We genuinely

care about our environment and

have a responsibility to future

generations to manage our waste


But it’s not just about the function

of the business, as that all falls by

the wayside if we do not focus on

the importance of valuing our staff;

comprehensive and regular training

in all departments ensures that we

deliver a high level of service at all


We have an excellent, hard-

working team and the continuous

achievements of our company are

a testimony to their efforts and

diligence. We treat our staff with

the respect that they deserve.

You became a Company Partner

with the Scheme in January 2014.

Can you explain why you did this

and the benefits this has given

your company?

Being an inaugural Company

Partner has been an honour, as

our views and opinions on the

Scheme are listened to, discussed

and actioned. It is very reassuring

to know that the Scheme takes it

members’ viewpoints seriously and

values their input.

We want to see the Scheme

continue to evolve and develop

long into the future and as a

Company Partner, we are proud

to be involved with both decision-

making and future planning.

What particular challenges

have you faced in relation to the

community, environment or the

workforce and how have you

overcome these?

Unfortunately there is a perception

that waste management and skip

hire companies are quite rough

around the edges, however this

is something that Norriskips and

Waste Management refuses to


We believe that all customers

deserve a high level of service

which includes immaculate driver

and vehicle appearance, coupled

with polite and courteous conduct

by all members of staff.

Perhaps there is a downside to

having our ‘head above the parapet’

in terms of clearly branded vehicles

and staff, along with CCS logos and

branding, in that we are an easy

target for complaints.

However, we take this as further

motivation to maintain the

highest standards of conduct and

appearance at all times.