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Demolition is often perceived as the noisy, dusty and unwelcome face of the

construction industry, but this perception is being demolished for Wye Valley

Demolition, with the guidance of the Scheme.



September 2015

Issue 38

The Scheme helps us improve

the image of demolition -

Wye Valley Demolition

Hereford-basedWye Valley

Demolition, one of the UK’s leading

demolition and site clearance

companies, has praised registration

with the Scheme for helping dispel

negative associations attached to


Proving its credentials as a

considerate de-constructor, Wye

Valley Demolition received a

Scheme National Company Bronze

Award in 2012 and 2014.

Commenting on his company’s

success, Wye Valley Demolition

spokesman, Stuart McCann said:

“Demolition is perceived by the

client as a noisy and dusty service

to the construction industry.

“We considered the Considerate

Constructors Scheme as one way to

help change that perception. The

Scheme is also widely recognised

and welcomed by our client base,

the large major contractors and

local authorities.

“We are in a small privileged group

of companies who all aspire to

give construction and demolition

a better name. We first joined the

Scheme in 2010 and winning an

award in 2012 was an unexpected


“Now that we have repeated this in

2014, we believe we can go on to

hopefully achieve an even higher


Recent projects undertaken by

Wye Valley Demolition include the

Golden Egg building in Gloucester

City Centre, a locally unpopular

landmark which was flattened to

make way for the modern King’s