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September 2015

Issue 38



government agencies and the

banking sector through to schools

and the railway infrastructure.

By offering a wide field of

disciplines and specialist

services, while utilising the latest

technology, training and systems,

GDC is able to deliver 24/7 facilities

management support 365 days a

year with minimal disruption to


Commenting on the benefits of

Scheme registration, John said:

“As a contractor, we acknowledge

our own role and are fully aware

that we are accountable in

promoting a responsible image of

the industry to the general public,

both to encourage people to use

our services and seek work in our


“Membership of the Scheme and

support from Monitors actively

assists us in achieving these goals.”

One of GDC’s recent contracts

was an external lighting project

at Pot Kiln Primary School in

Suffolk, consisting of a three-stage

installation of lamp-posts situated

within the grounds.

This sensitive work was carried out

within an active school car park and

adjoining main access pathway for

parents and children, along with a

small section of playground.

Particular challenges encountered

on the project included working

at the heart of a fully functioning

primary school, while giving

consideration to staff, parents and

visitors, enabling them to move

freely and safely throughout the


John explained: “Traffic

management was necessary to

minimise the impact of the visiting

workforce through a live primary

school and ensuring the workforce

and everyone involved were aware

of safeguarding responsibilities.”

A collaborative approach was

adopted by the team who

scheduled a daily liaison with

the client in order to produce a

combined pool of ideas and actions

required for the work.

John explained: “As a key member

of the GDC team, I was appointed

to collate all of the information and

to ensure its realisation through a

joint approach.

“This included strict security

measures being put in place to

ensure the safety of staff, parents

and children and the workforce,

throughout the whole of the


“A traffic management plan

that extended throughout the

footprint of the school for those

involved with the project was

also implemented. The plan was

continually modified to suit the

requirements of the school through

daily client briefings.

“The continual adaptation of

pedestrian routes could not have

been achieved without the support

and assistance of key members

of the school staff. Reliable

communication enabled us to

overcome this hurdle.”

As a goodwill gesture and a way

of expressing their thanks to the

school, GDC recycled the topsoil

from the initial installation phase to

produce flower beds to brighten up

the school’s otherwise dull service


Further community gestures

included taking part in the school’s

community Christmas Carol Service

which enabled site representatives

to meet the local community and

answer any questions over a cup of

tea and a mince pie.

John added: “Our company safety

manager is also negotiating with

the school to become a reading

buddy, as part of the school’s drive

to continually raise literacy levels in

the local area.

“The company has agreed to

sponsor his commitment by

allowing paid time off to help

achieve this.”

As testimony to the success

of the company’s considerate

policies, a letter was received from

the school business manager

congratulating the site team for its

enduring courtesy and care shown

throughout the entire project.

Asked how being a registered

company with the Scheme

has enhanced its image as a

constructor, John said: “It does

this by setting a benchmark of

standards all members must

achieve and maintain, thereby

raising the image and public

perception of the construction


“This is reflected by the opinion of

GDC Managing Director, Graham

Cunningham, who feels the

construction industry as a whole

would benefit by all companies

undertaking compulsory

membership of the Scheme.

This will elevate the image of the

industry as a whole.”

If you would like to register a

company with the Scheme,