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September 2015

Issue 38



maximum when being assessed.

We believe that striving for 50

points (the highest possible) results

in good relations with our clients

and hence results in more orders.”

Outlining the challenges of

such a large-sized project, John

Henderson, RG Group Project

Manager for the site, said the initial

concern was how to present the

works to the outside world in an

eye-catching, tidy and informative


He explained: “At Waterlooville we

surrounded the site with a smart

hoarding, painted in the corporate

colours of our client. We added

colourful paintings done by the

children of a local special needs

school (as part of the Ivor Goodsite

Hoarding Competition).

“We displayed the CCS banners,

posters, two CCS flags, a

community board, some corporate

environmental messages, photos

of the developing scheme, a public

viewing gallery and plenty of

directional signage for the public.

“This ‘statement’ sent out a positive

message to the community and

clearly showed that RG Group cared

about its impact on the local area.”

Ms Lindley said the next challenge

for the project was how to engage

with local residents and businesses

to keep them informed of the many

changes and events which lay


She explained: “We tackled this

with a combination of face-to-face

discussions and letter drops. If

complaints were received we tried

to respond personally with visits or

letters from the project manager.

“Whenever high impact works

took place we notified local people

beforehand. We engaged with the

local press to promote the project

and to provide regular updates

and our community board carried

messages telling the public of

forthcoming events.

Asked how being registered with

the Scheme helped iron out any

issues encountered on the project,

Ms Lindley said it provided a point

of contact for any members of

the public who preferred not to

approach the site directly.

She said the Scheme also

encouraged healthy competition

among other teams within the RG


“It does this by creating a friendly

rivalry between RG Group sites in

our attempts to constantly raise the

bar and out-perform each other.

It also encourages us to think of

better ways to build and consider

how we can constantly improve

the way we treat our workforce, the

public and any visitors.

“Credit for the success of the

project and its initiatives lie firmly

with John and his team, and as

a company we are exceptionally

proud of our achievements here.”

Ms Lindley said she would definitely

recommend registering with the

Scheme to other organisations

as more and more clients were

looking for evidence of

commitment to the CCS.