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The topic of ‘occupational cancers’ and their effects on the industry’s workforce will

be thoroughly explored in the Scheme’s next ‘Spotlight on…’ initiative.

September 2015

Issue 38



The Scheme’s regular feature,

which provides a wealth of useful

information, available support and

case studies, will be covering the

subject of occupational cancers.

This campaign aims to raise

awareness of the risks surrounding

construction work and the

importance of taking proactive

measures to safeguard all

employees within the sector.

Although there are various types of

cancer affecting the industry, this

campaign will focus on skin and

lung cancers.

It is difficult to determine the true

extent of occupational cancers as

in many cases individuals fail to

develop any noticeable symptoms

until many years later. Despite

this, it has been identified that

there are 14,000 new cases of

occupational cancer per year, with

over 40% of the total occupational

cancer deaths occurring within the

construction industry.

Due to the nature of the work

undertaken within the industry,

employees encounter various

harmful substances on a day-to-day

basis, including, asbestos, silica,

diesel engine exhaust emissions,

paint and prolonged exposure to

UV radiation.

‘Spotlight on… occupational

cancers’ will provide a wealth of

useful information to employees,

employers and family and

friends connected to those in the

industry, delivering useful advice

and guidance on preventing

occupational cancers.

If you would like to contribute

to this ‘Spotlight on…’ and share

how your company tackles the

topic of occupational cancers,

please email the Scheme via

Spotlight on...

occupational cancers