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December 2015

Issue 39

A revised Monitor’s Checklist will be released by the Scheme in February 2016 to

ensure it remains challenging for sites, companies and suppliers, and continues to

raise the bar of considerate construction.

Changes to the Monitors’

Checklist in 2016

Each year the Scheme looks to raise

the bar of considerate construction

to ensure that sites, companies

and suppliers registered with the

Scheme are truly leading the way in

UK construction. It is important that

the Checklist is challenging and

pushes sites to raise standards and

look for new solutions to existing


The revised document is the result

of wide-ranging feedback received

during the year from Scheme

Monitors, Associate Members and

other contractors and clients, which

is reviewed and considered.

Although there are changes to

all five sections of the Checklist,

it is clearly evident that ‘Value

their Workforce’ has undergone a

significant review with the prompts

from the current question 5.10

added into 5.1, and a brand new

5.10 question added. A couple

of new compliance items have

been added, and a number of new

prompts added throughout.

Question 5.5 has also been

amended to tackle the issue of

the legitimacy of the workforce,

in an effort to address the subject

of illegal workers. This is a brand

new area for the Scheme to tackle

but it is clearly a matter relevant to

image, in particular the workforce.

It was agreed that sites should

be starting to consider how they

ensure that all those working on

site are legally allowed to do so.

The final question in each section

of the Checklist should really push

the contractor to perform to an

excellent level or higher. The new

question 5.10 has been designed

to challenge the very highest

performing sites, companies and

suppliers; to show what they can

do to improve the image of their

project, and the industry, to attract

and retain the workforce necessary

for the future of construction.

Never has it been more important

to look at how to attract more

people into a career in construction