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December 2015

Issue 39



and improving the image of the

industry is a vital part of that work.

In January, the Scheme will

provide examples on the Best

Practice Hub which show how

these new prompts have already

been addressed on sites across the

UK, while also offering guidance

made available by other industry


Further support will be made

available when the Checklist is

launched in February and the

Scheme’s Best Practice Hub will be

updated to reflect this new version.

Here are details of the changes

made to the 2016 Checklist:

Care about


• The prompt ‘fencing’ in

question 1.1 has been amended

to ‘enclosures’, as ‘fencing’ by

itself was not felt to be entirely

appropriate for all sites. The

Monitor will be looking at the

external appearance of the

site and the materials used on

the perimeter of the site will

clearly have a large impact on

this, whether board, open mesh

fencing, or any other type of

enclosure is used.

• ‘Graffiti’ has been moved

from 1.6 to 1.1 as it should be

expected that all sites should

deal with graffiti promptly as a

matter of compliance.

• ‘Supply Chain’ has been added

to 1.3 as this question is

aimed at ‘all’ facilities, stored

materials, vehicles and plant,

including those belonging to a

supply chain trade contractor

or suppliers. Sites should

understand that they have a

responsibility with regards to

their appearance and how this

affects the overall appearance

of the site.

• The existing prompt ‘dress

code on and offsite’ within 1.4

has been expanded to two

separate prompts ‘onsite dress

code’ and ‘off site appearance’

as it was felt these are two

separate issues. The first applies

to appropriate dress on site,

PPE, etc., while the second

applies to the appearance of

operatives when they leave site

– cleanliness, etc. There might

be circumstances where it is

acceptable to wear PPE offsite

and if so this must be managed

to ensure this doesn’t create a

negative image for the site and

the industry.

• The prompt ‘access roads’ in

1.5 has been amended to

‘surrounding roads/pavements’

to provide greater clarity on the

Scheme’s expectations.

• Question 1.9 has been

amended to ‘how is all smoking

managed’ to highlight that

‘e-smokers’may need special

consideration by sites as,

although there are different

legal requirements, there could

be the same image issues to be


• Question 1.10 has been

expanded to incorporate ‘a

positive industry image’. This