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December 2015

Issue 39



to better reflect the process

involved in identifying

environmental issues,

which then inform the site

environmental plan and the site

specific induction.

• The prompt ‘site specifics’

in question 3.1 has been

amended to ‘site environmental

plan’ to provide more clarity.

• ‘Induction’ in 3.1 has been

amended to ‘site specific

induction’ as a generic

induction will rarely be

appropriate or cover site

specific issues.

• ‘Planning’ has been removed

from question 3.5 as it was felt

that this was too vague and was

covered by the other prompts.

• ‘Accreditations’ has been

amended to ‘certifications’

in question 3.5 as this is

technically the correct word

to use.

• ‘Actual vs target’ has been

added as a prompt to

question 3.5 as sites should be

measuring their performance

against pre-agreed targets.

Where relevant, best practice is

to set targets covering waste,

energy, water, ecology and

carbon emissions, amongst

other things.

• ‘Recycling’ removed from 3.7 as

already covered in question 3.2.

• ‘Energy efficient cabins’ has

been amended to ‘energy

efficient accommodation’ in

question 3.8 as this better

reflects the requirements of the

Scheme in encompassing all

types of accommodation which

may be used by the contractor.

• ‘Carbon offsetting’ has been

added to question 3.10, as the

highest performing sites will be

looking at this. This could be a

company initiative rather than

site-specific, but sites should

have awareness and, if being

done, should actively promote

this. An example of this could

be something as simple as

buying into a tree planting


Secure everyone’s


• ‘Safety signage’ has been

moved from question 4.5 to

question 4.2, as all sites should

have adequate safety signage

in place as a compliance


• ‘Induction’ in question 4.4

has been amended to ‘site

specific induction’, as this is far

more valuable than a generic

induction which won’t address

local issues/hazards.

• ‘Drugs and alcohol policy’ has

been added as a prompt to

question 4.4 as it is felt that all

registered sites should have

such a policy in place.

• ‘RAMS review’ has been added

as a prompt to question 4.4 to

establish as to what extent all

registered sites are reading,