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December 2015

Issue 39



Download the 2016 Monitors’

Checklist, with changes

highlighted, by clicking



Please note that this Checklist does

not come into effect until 1 February


separate toilets and perhaps

other facilities, not just

changing rooms.

• Question 5.9 has been

amended to ‘what additional

facilities are available for

those working onsite’, as the

highest performing sites should

be looking to provide such

facilities to their workforce.

• New prompts ‘Wi-Fi’ and

‘laundry’ have been added to

the amended question 5.9 as

examples of facilities that the

highest performing sites might


• Question 5.10 has been

amended to ‘what is the site

doing to improve its image

and the overall image of the

industry to attract and retain

the workforce necessary for the

future of construction?’This

question, aimed at the very

highest performing sites, is

intended to encourage them to

consider what more they can

do to make the industry more

attractive as a career choice.

• Various new prompts have

been added to question 5.10:


‘Qualifications’ – what is

the site doing to assist

operatives achieving

relevant qualifications to

help develop their careers?


‘E-learning’ – does the site

offer any form of e-learning

facilities to those working



‘Financial advice’ – has the

site looked into making

arrangements for those on

site to be given access to

financial advice of any sort,

e.g. pensions, insurance,



‘Counselling services’ –

does the site offer any

counselling services to

those working on site,

e.g. Construction Industry



‘Contribution to Scheme

Best Practice Hub’ – has the

site manager registered

with the Best Practice Hub

and contributed examples

of best practice to help

the rest of the industry



‘Reward’ (moved from

previous question 5.10)

– does the site offer any

manner of rewards to

those working on site,

e.g. operative suggestion

schemes, operative awards,



‘Benefits’ – have any other

benefits been secured for

those working on site, e.g.

discounts at local stores,


Site Specific Data

This section has been updated so

that certain questions now relate to

data since the project commenced,

rather than since the start of the

most recent registration period.

Companies and suppliers

Although the above refers to

changes made to the site Checklist,

all of the changes will be reflected

in the company and supplier

Checklists as well.

Updated versions for these two

types of registration will be made

available in January 2016.

Registered companies and

suppliers will be informed once

they have been published.