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The Scheme will be focusing its attention on the appearance of UK sites and the

major impact this has on the overall image of the industry.



December 2015

Issue 39

Construction’s First


The Scheme is always looking at

areas within the industry which

can be developed so that the

image of the industry is continually


With this in mind, the Scheme

launched its ‘Spotlight on…’ feature

in 2013 as a way to publicise

key areas or issues of industry

importance, and offer guidance

and help to contractors and clients

in order to elevate standards

throughout the whole construction


To complement ‘Spotlight on…’

a new series of features will be

launched which looks in more

detail at each section of the

Code of Considerate Practice,

beginning with ‘Construction’s First

Impressions’, which addresses the

section ‘Care about Appearance’.

This annual compendium of

invaluable facts, information,

real-life examples and links will

emphasise how the image of every

individual site serves as a powerful

advertisement for the whole


The Scheme will work closely

with contractors and clients to

understand good and bad practice,

and how the entire industry can

progress in this area.

With the industry projected to

double in output over the next

two decades, encouraging sites

to present a professional and tidy

appearance will help attract much-

needed skills and talent.

This new resource will be launching

in 2017, but in preparation, the

Scheme is keen to hear from all

registered sites, companies and

suppliers with their thoughts

on what ‘Construction’s First

Impressions’ should cover.

Additionally, if you have any

photographs illustrating good site

appearance, please forward these