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December 2015

Issue 39

The Scheme is proud and excited to be launching an online portal which will provide

a UK-wide snapshot of construction activity on an interactive map.


An online portal into the UK

construction industry

The portal will be searchable

from the Scheme’s website and

will pinpoint all registered sites,

companies and suppliers as well

as crucial diary events in the

construction industry calendar.

Associate Members, Company

Partners, Client Partners and

Scheme Supporters will also be

available to search.

Going live in the New Year, the

portal will enable members of

the public and the construction

industry to identify registered

organisations from the fully

searchable and interactive UK-wide

map. Users will then be able to find

publicly-available information on

specific registrations in order to find

out more or get in touch.

Profiles can also be created by

registered sites, companies and

suppliers with information they

would like to share which will

also be available to view. This

could include employment and

environmental statistics and

upcoming charity events.

Future enhancements will allow

sites, companies and suppliers

to choose to make their Monitor

reports available to other

contractors, clients and the

general public. Therefore, for data

protection reasons, Monitors’

names have been removed from

the reports issued by the Scheme.

Available on the Scheme’s website

in January, this will be an invaluable

tool for both the industry and

the public in identifying UK

construction activity.