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December 2015

Issue 39

From the 1 January 2016, there will be a slight increase applied to the Site and

Company Registration fees.

A further change has been made

to the fee structure for Site

Registration, where two new fee

bands have been introduced – a

new band for projects with a value

of £25m - £50m, and another for

those over £50m.

These sites, due to their size, are

inevitably higher profile with

a much larger impact on the

community and the environment,

along with a greater workforce.

It is therefore important that these

sites not only promote that they

are registered with the Scheme, but

also make the public aware of their

Change to registration fees

performance against the Code of

Considerate Practice.

This is why sites with project values

greater than £25m will not only

receive the usual signage, but two

of the new star-rated performance

posters after each visit.

In addition to this, projects which

fall into the over £50m fee band

will also receive an extra mega

banner to help these sites to further

promote their registration with the


The registration fees are

determined by the site’s value and

a company’s annual turnover in

accordance with the tables below.

The increase in fees will allow the

Scheme to continue offering:

• the online Best Practice Hub

• high specification Scheme


• Monitor visit(s) and report(s)

• an on-going hotline to deal

with comments and complaints

from the general public

• new initiatives to assist sites,

companies and suppliers

improve their image

The Scheme’s website will be

updated from 1 January 2016.

Site Registration

Project value



Up to £100k


£120 (the same)

£100k to £500k



£500k to £5m



£5m to £10m



£10m to £25m

New fee


£25m to £50m

New fee


Over £50m

New fee


Company Registration

Annual turnover

New registrations






Up to £250k





£250k to £3.5m £510




£3.5m to £10m £1020




Over £10m