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With a responsibility for building and facilities management, street services and

vehicle fleet management, Durham County Council Direct Services works closely

with the community to create great neighbourhoods.



December 2015

Issue 39

Durham County Council

praises the Scheme for

“mentoring and teaching”

Recognising the value in being

a considerate constructor, Direct

Services Buildings and Facilities

Management has been registering

with the Scheme for over seven

years, ensuring its sites respect

the community, environment,

workforce and public.

One of its recent projects,

Framwellgate Moor Community

and Youth Centre, demonstrated

this commitment to good practice,

attaining ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’

scores in the Scheme’s five-point

Code of Considerate Practice.

Commenting on the Scheme

benefits, Site Foreman Ian Minto

said: “Registering with the

Considerate Constructors Scheme

(CCS) provides Durham County

Council (DCC) with a challenge in

meeting the targets and aspirations

of the Scheme auditor.

“DCC ensures all sites are ‘safe

sites’ and employ only those who

have received the highest level of

training and offer a quality service.

Staff all work sympathetically

in our communities and are

environmentally aware.”

Asked how the Scheme had helped

with any challenges in relation to

the community, environment or

workforce and how these issues

were overcome, Ian said: “In

adopting the principles and targets

set out by the Scheme, DCC has

evolved in how we deliver work.

“This has been achieved by

diversifying and introducing

innovative working practices

and how we provide a safe

working environment for staff and

customers affected by work we


“DCC has faced many challenges

in changing our thought process

in how we carry out our work; the

welfare of all those around us is

now even more at the forefront of

what we do and how we deliver our


“Greater emphasis is on the wider

environmental issues we face and

we are looking at how we can assist

in playing our part in reducing our

carbon footprint and contributing

to sustaining the environment.”

Praising Direct Services (DS)

Building and Facilities Management

for its site at Framwellgate Moor

Community and Youth Centre,