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December 2015

Issue 39


A-one+ Area 12

A-one+ Area 12 – involves the planning and delivery of a full range of

highway construction and maintenance services across Yorkshire, Humberside

and North Lincolnshire, with the company a leading provider to Highways England.

Monitors visiting the company’s

various projects were greatly

impressed by the outstanding

commitment towards projecting

a highly positive image of the


Community consideration is

strongly focused, with the project

team liaising with all stakeholders

in the area, conducting regular

meetings with the local authorities

and providing information and

updates via the company website

and social media channels.

As trailblazers in terms of safety,

the company’s award-wining ‘No

Strikes Safety Training Initiative’,

to prevent HGV collisions with

motorway maintenance vehicles,

has been replicated throughout

the construction and road haulage


Measures to support the workforce

in terms of their training and

welfare were considered to be

‘exceptional’, with reference

to ending mental health

discrimination worthy of special

mention, all making the company a

beacon of outstanding practice.

Over £10m