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December 2015

Issue 39

The message has to be carried

by everyone and the only way

you achieve this is by involving,

communicating and listening to

your employees.”

Identifying potential risks and

implementing safety procedures

is another aspect of being a

considerate company, explained


He said: “For many companies,

health and safety has become

synonymous with petty

bureaucracy, instead of what

it should be - a professional

assessment of risks and a focus on

the most important ones.

“We know that, we live with that

part of the culture on our sites

every day. By assessing the risk

properly and incorporating robust

procedures with realistic measures

we can ensure that our sites remain

compliant, both to our standards

and to that of the Scheme’s.”

He added: “We take into careful

consideration every element of

a potential project, especially

the environment, residents and

local businesses. We ensure these

elements are kept in consideration

before, during and after every


“Success is not just down to one

element of the business, it is a

combination of all the elements

working together, and trying to

achieve the same goal.”

A company ethos which

reflects the Scheme’s

Code of Considerate


JSM’s ethos very much reflects the

Scheme’s Code, which provides

the means for continuous

improvement and development.

Mick said of the Code: “It provides

the means for continued

improvement which is an excellent

management tool. By incorporating

the values of the Scheme into our

own management system it helps

bolster it, creating a more robust

management system.

“The Scheme’s standards are

high and as a result we have to

continually raise the bar to ensure