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December 2015

Issue 39



“The other benefits are that

it demonstrates, to both our

competitors and members of the

public, that we are a company that

take all aspects of health, safety,

quality and environmental issues

very seriously. It shows that we

care about the environment, our

appearance, the community and

that we value our workforce.”

He added: “The information and

feedback we receive from the

Monitor’s report helps demonstrate

to our clients how closely we

work with the community and

environments surrounding our


“The information is also helpful

when it comes to tenders and

PQQ’s as it helps provide our

bid teams with more concise


Scheme benefits for JSM

Outlining the benefits of the

Scheme, Mick said: “It has become

evident over the years that those

who choose to join the Scheme

and incorporate its values into their

own business, do better for doing


“It has also provided a benchmark

for those already within the

Scheme to aim for and do better.

It is healthy to have competition;

by Seeing your peers achieve such

high standards and get awarded for

these, encourages you to achieve

the same.

“The auditing side of the Scheme

helps identify areas of your

business where improvements can

be made, which in turn is good for

business, our clients, our workforce

and the community, so everyone


“Having a set standard across the

construction industry not only

helps to improve our image, it

helps demonstrate to everyone

concerned that we take health,

safety, quality and environmental

issues very, very seriously.

“To see the Scheme’s logo on a

site instils an air of confidence

by signifying a contractor who

sets very high standards and

is committed to a continual

improvement programme within

their organisation.

“When clients, employees or

any other third party walk into

your reception area or look on

your website and see that your

company has achieved an award

for compliance to the Code of

Considerate Practice, it again brings

with it the air of confidence of a

competent contractor.

“JSM works hard with the Scheme

to raise the public profile of

construction and infrastructure


If you would like to register a

company with the Scheme,