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Novograf specialises in retail graphics, customised laminates and films and boards

for many familiar UK high street names.



December 2015

Issue 39

The Scheme’s first Supplier

Registration based in Scotland

Outlining his business, Novograf’s

Marketing Manager, Craig

Coultman-Smith said: “At Novograf

we create and install bespoke

laminates, films and boards for the

retail, commercial and transport

environments - and we’ve been

doing it since 1986.

“Big brands include Co-operative,

Greggs, Waitrose, Pizza Hut,

Heathrow Airport, RBS, M&S, John

Lewis, Tesco, Accor, Travelodge, First

Group Rail and many more.

“We work with construction

contractors to deliver all the

surface protection, murals, window

solutions, signage, resurfacing and

graphics that these major retail,

commercial and transport brands


“We are proud to be the first

Scottish supplier in the Scheme, but

with 95% of our customers being

in England, we consider ourselves a

UK company.”

He added: “There are quite a

few positives in being a Scottish

manufacturer, one of which is the

world-wide reputation for ‘Clyde

Built’ quality – a heritage that we

take very seriously in everything we

make and install.”

Commenting on the benefits of

Scheme registration, Craig said:

“The role of the supplier in the

construction industry can be

easily overlooked. However, being

registered with the Scheme has

helped build collaboration with

other companies and suppliers

to ensure we can all improve our

working practices.

“We can now stand out more to

potential customers as a business

that takes pride in what we deliver

with complete consideration

of our impact on Appearance,

Environment, Community,

Workforce and Safety.”

Novograf incorporates the

requirements of the Scheme

into its working practices by

holding regular management

and crew meetings, as well as

taking steps to refine its current

working procedures, in line with

the Scheme’s Code of Considerate


Craig said: “By engaging the

workforce in all aspects of the Code

of Considerate Practice we have

developed fresh ideas.