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December 2015

Issue 39



“Since the first visit by our Scheme

Monitor, Andrew Agapiou, we have

established a Novograf Charity

Committee which will distribute

funds to worthwhile causes, both

locally and nationally.

“The Committee will also support

worthwhile charitable efforts being

undertaken by various Novograf


“We were pleased to see that even

with the first Monitors’ office report

we have gained valuable pointers

on areas where we can improve.

As a business we welcome this

kind of valuable feedback from an

independent perspective.”

Outlining the typical challenges

encountered during its day-to-

day work, Craig said: “With our

work having a visual impact on

the community, we are often

challenged to ensure our design is

in keeping with the surrounding

area and is sympathetic to the

former use of the building.

“For example, we have been part

of a team that has refurbished

former pubs into retail units, where

the pub has been the heart and

soul of the community. Through

discussions with neighbours,

local authorities, parish councils

and planners we have developed

bespoke graphics compatible with

and appropriate for each site.”

Asked how he feels the Scheme

is improving the image of

construction, Craig said:

“The Scheme ‘humanises’ the

construction industry by making it

more accessible and empathetic to

the needs of the community.

“The fact that the Code

of Considerate Practice

commits companies to care

about appearance, respect

the community, protect the

environment, secure everyone’s

safety and value their workforce is a

very powerful positive message to

the broader community.”

“At this early point supplier

participation is relatively new. We

are sure that as more suppliers

join, the benefits and support will


He added: “We would recommend

the Scheme to all suppliers to

the construction industry. It is

only through participation that

improvements in image and

practice will result. The way the

construction industry is perceived

by the community reflects on all


“We have found the registration

with the Scheme to be a simple,

well informed and managed

process, with the initial office report

being of great value.”

Another of Novograf’s strong client

bases is the banking sector which

benefits from its eye-catching

murals, durable ATM surrounds and

light-fast window graphics.

As well as the banking sector,

Novograf also works with

major hotel chains and retailers

throughout the UK. Its factory

and installation teams are

equipped to efficiently handle

the manufacturing and logistics

of national rebranding or

refurbishment roll-outs. Find out

more on its



We have found the

registration with the

Scheme to be a simple,

well informed and

managed process, with

the initial office report

being of great value

If you would like to register as

a supplier with the Scheme,


here .