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December 2015

Issue 39


Recognising the benefits of its long-term partnership with the Scheme, Simons

Construction Ltd has been registering its sites for over 16 years, becoming an

Associate Member five years ago.

Simons praise values of

Scheme registration


A family-owned business of over 70

years, with its headquarters based

in Lincoln, Simons Construction has

spoken of its shared ethos with the

Scheme and how this has enhanced

its work in the retail, distribution

and health sectors.

Explaining why the company

first registered with the Scheme,

spokeswoman Izy Hodgkinson said:

“We felt it was the right thing to

do to win tenders with our main

customers at the time.

“When we looked at what our

aligned values were with our

customers, going above and

beyond with communities was

something we did. The Scheme

seemed like a positive way to

recognise and improve that way of

working, while capitalising on it as a


Asked how registering fitted in with

Simon Construction’s company

objectives, Izy said: “We were keen

to have a consistent image and

behaviour across all of our sites

in the UK and we believed that

applying an externally monitored

standard would help.

“Our core values are built upon

doing the right thing and creating

community value, so the Scheme

fits in very well as a way to measure

whether we are delivering on those


Demonstrating its credentials as

a considerate constructor, Simons

Construction has scooped 13

Scheme National Site Awards to

date, including Gold Awards for its

highly praised work constructing

the Cheshire Oaks M&S store in

Ellesmere Port, and the Sainsbury’s

supermarket in Melton Mowbray.

Commenting on its awards

successes, Izy said: “It is all down

to our staff and their singular

commitment to doing their best

and thinking of others.”

Indeed, this was clearly in evidence

on the Melton Mowbray Sainsbury’s

project with Scheme Monitor

Mike Worrall scoring its work as

‘exceptional’ in all five areas of the

Code of Considerate Practice.

He praised all aspects of the

project, from the good impression

left by the Sainsbury’s trademark

orange hoarding around the

site, to the efficient traffic and

pedestrian management systems,

environmental practices and

high consideration towards the


Outlining the positive effects of the

Scheme’s Code, Izy said: “It helps

that site teams have a common

frame of reference and experience

– and a little competitive frisson

between teams too!

“We have a wealth of case studies

to draw on for CR (Corporate

Responsibility) reporting and some

of the ideas our teams come up

with can double up as teambuilding

and training opportunities for less

experienced staff.”

Becoming an Associate Member

with the Scheme in 2009, Simons

Construction hoped its closer

partnership would further enhance

its reputation as a considerate


Simons Construction’s commitment

to the Scheme extends to its clients

who are contractually obliged to

register with the Scheme.

Looking to the future, in

partnership with the Scheme,

Izy added: “We wanted to be

recognised amongst the ranks of

the larger contractors, particularly

in the eyes of our customers.

“We want to continue offering an

exceptional customer experience

and positive community profile

which helps to maintain our

workload and encourages

young people into careers in the

construction sector.”

To find out more about

Associate Membership,