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December 2015

Issue 39



Goodsite goes global

For more information

on Ivor, click



visit his website!

Ivor also enjoyed looking at the

team’s environment enhancement

section of the site. They built their

own bird boxes from ethically

sourced timber off-cuts, planted

pots, collected rainwater, created

a bug hotel, protected trees and

created a nature reserve in the


Another of his highlights was

visiting one of this year’s Hoarding

Competition winners, Gentoo,

where he helped present children

with their medals and goody

bags. The chosen theme for this

hoarding was ‘The Incredible Edible

Living Wall’, which was illustrated

beautifully in their hoarding,

with a mixture of painted flowers

along with real flowers planted in

recycled bottles.

Ivor has lots more visits to attend

before the year is over and is

looking forward to inspiring

more and more people into the

wonderful world of construction!

On a recent trip to the UK,

Mwanzoni Limited from Nairobi,

Kenya, spotted one of Ivor’s ‘Hunt

the Hazard!’ signs and were suitably

impressed, sharing their discovery

on Twitter.

This is not the first time Ivor has

been introduced to people outside

of the UK and it will no doubt not

be the last!

To see what Ivor’s been up to,



on Twitter!