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the second year is even more

successful than the first!”

The Lighthouse Club, which runs

the Helpline, is urging even more

sites, companies and suppliers to

support this free and confidential

24/7 Helpline to help fund two

much-needed new initiatives.

Chief Executive of the Lighthouse

Club, Bill Hill said: “We have

learned so much this year from the

requests we have received, and as

a result, will be developing a new

fund to finance the re-training of

injured construction workers back

into the industry and into jobs that

their injury allows them to perform.

“We are also developing a Health

and Safety Innovation Fund to

help finance initiatives to keep the

workforce healthy and prevent

accidents happening in the


“We are really excited about

these new initiatives and it is no

coincidence that their launch

corresponds with the 60th

Anniversary of our charity.”

December 2015

Issue 39



To encourage even more industry support, the Scheme’s promotional

wristbands which ensure that the Construction Industry Helpline

number is always close at hand, are being reduced from £2.50 to

£1.20. To purchase wristbands click



To raise much-needed funds for

these new initiatives, the charity

is challenging every company in

construction to set aside one day

of the year as a National Lighthouse


Bill said: “This day will be full of

fun and will raise much-needed

funds for our cause. To find out

more about National Lighthouse

Day and to register your company

to participate, simply link onto our



Thanking the industry for its

backing, Bill Hill said: “Thank you so

much for all the support you have

given us this year and, with our

ambitious plans for next year, we

certainly have plenty to do.

“Thanks to the excellent

support and marketing from the

Considerate Constructors Scheme

we now have our Construction

Industry Helpline poster on over

8000 sites.

For more information on the

Construction Industry Helpline,

please click



Reduced price for Helpline wristbands

Examples of families

helped by the Helpline


The Helpline was contacted

after an electrician’s 14-year-

old son went into hospital

for a routine operation

and contracted meningitis

through a suspected hospital

infection. He is now severely


His father had to stop working

as his son required 24-hour

care. However, they now have

the help of an overnight nurse.

Further tragedy struck when

the father returned to work

but discovered his wife was

diagnosed with breast cancer.

She is currently undergoing

treatment and he is trying

his best to work when he

can in these very difficult


Award: £450 per month



A roofer has not been able

to work for over two years

following a high level fall and

was looking for assistance with

paying to re-carpet some of his

house. His marriage had also

broken up due to stress.

Award: £700 to buy carpets.

NorthWest England

A joiner for 30 years was

diagnosed with prostate cancer

and faces at least a year off

work, experiencing a shortfall in


Award: £200 per month for 12

months then review.