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My name is Honor Goodsite. You may have met me during one of my

many visits to schools, nurseries and youth groups where I talk about

the environment, careers in construction and site safety.

Just like my uncle Ivor, I work closely with the Considerate

Constructors Scheme and its registered sites, companies and

suppliers to promote all that is positive about the construction

industry. When the Scheme tasked me with creating a competition

encouraging companies to engage with their local communities, I came

up with the Big Build!

The Big Build is a fantastic way for companies to reach out to

their local communities and create wonderful, iconic buildings

with recyclable materials that everyone can get involved with and

thoroughly enjoy.

I would like to personally thank all the children and adults that took

part in the first year of my Big Build competition – I was thrilled when

I was told that 32 sites had submitted entries. It was amazing to see

the fantastic buildings that nearly 900 people had banded together to


You will be able to see their superb creations on display in this

brochure which lists the participating sites, schools and community

groups they teamed up with to create such masterpieces.

Congratulations to all who took part. I look forward to seeing the

new works of art that next year’s Big Build will bring!

Honor Goodsite

Structural Engineer, Goodsite Engineering