10% off Ivor Goodsite products to mark Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week 2016 will run from the 21 – 27 November and encourages community involvement to promote road safety awareness and reduce the number of accidents on our roads.

The annual Road Safety Week was founded by charity, Brake, with the aim to promote road safety awareness and offer information on steps everyone can take to stop needless deaths each year. Brake organises a number of fundraising initiatives to encourage road safety awareness, safe road use, effective safety policies and offers support to road accident victims.

The Scheme is delighted once again to be promoting Road Safety Week 2016 and encouraging anyone registered with the Scheme to take this opportunity to engage with their local communities and get involved in supporting this important safety message.

To assist registered sites, companies and suppliers promote the importance of this road safety initiative, the Scheme is offering a 10% discount on Ivor’s ‘Hunt the Hazard’ and promotional sign, Honor’s ‘Spot the Job’ sign and children’s PPE until the end of Road Safety Week. Click here to purchase these items online.

Industry mascots Ivor and Honor Goodsite will also be on hand to help promote the important message of road safety, with the costumes available to hire – however, it is advisable to book early due to their diaries quickly becoming busy with bookings!

Last year there was a positive response from contractors and clients who were involved with Road Safety Week. Each year, there are lots of events which promote this cause and the Scheme is delighted to see so many engaging with nurseries, schools and community groups to promote the importance of road safety.

Many registered sites, companies and suppliers already play a huge role within their local community, helping to raise awareness of road safety and reinforcing this important safety message.

Children’s PPE

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Ivor Goodsite branded children’s PPE consists of a hard hat, made to the EN397 standard for industrial safety helmets, and a hi-visibility vest designed to be worn by children aged 5 – 9 years old.

The set can be purchased at the discounted price of £9, or the items can be purchased separately with a hard hat costing £3.60 and a hi-vis jacket costing £5.40.

Promotional sign

Designed to display your own messages and promote site activities, the promotional sign (0.75m x 1.48m) will be available for £31.50 (+ VAT). For this initiative, these will feature a limited edition ‘Supporting Road Safety Week 2016’ sticker.

If your site already has a promotional sign and you would like to use this sticker, please contact the Scheme by calling 0800 783 1423 or email enquiries@ccscheme.org.uk

‘Spot the Job’ site sign


Developed in conjunction with GoConstruct to highlight the diverse range of careers in construction, this sign displays fictional characters on a construction site with a corresponding key of available jobs. The sign (1m x 1.48m) will now be available for £49.05 (+ VAT).

‘Hunt the Hazard!’ site sign


Displaying a fictional construction site hiding a number of potential dangers for children to find, the ‘Hunt the Hazard!’ site sign (1m x 1.48m) will now be available for £49.05 (+ VAT).

To hire the Ivor Goodsite or Honor Goodsite costumes and purchase any of the above products, please call 0800 783 1423 or email enquiries@ivorgoodsite.org.uk

For more information on Brake, click here