2010 new Site Registration Monitors’ Checklist

December 2009

Image of ChecklistThe purpose of the Scheme is to improve the image of construction and this is done through encouraging continuous improvement of sites and companies that register with it.

All sites registered with the Scheme are monitored against the Scheme’s ‘Site Code of Considerate Practice’ by experienced Scheme Monitors. The Scheme issues its Monitors with a Site Registration Checklist that expands the 8 point code into a selection of questions developed to ascertain the level of performance reached by each site monitored.

Every year the Checklist is updated to take into consideration the ever improving standards of performance of sites. This is done through reviewing the current levels of performance of sites and through consultation with the Scheme’s Monitors, Directors and Associate members. Through this consultation process, each year the Checklist questions are revised, re-worded and new questions added.
Within the Checklist, some questions are in bold type.  These relate to activities and working practices that the Scheme expects all registered sites to have addressed and, in most cases, to have in place. To achieve compliance with the Code, a site must be able to say it has at least addressed all of these bolded questions. In this case, the site should achieve a score of at least 24, depending on the extent to which these questions have been addressed. The questions which are not in bold relate to activities that the Scheme would like to see implemented to improve a site’s performance still further and for which a site might warrant an even higher score.

The Checklist is not a ‘tick’ list and is designed to encourage open conversation between the Scheme’s Monitors and those running the sites they visit.

To achieve higher scores, Monitors are looking for initiatives and activities that will go far beyond the basic expectations of the Code and, for the very highest scoring sites, initiatives that may not have been seen by Monitors before, and can be considered exceptional and unique.

In all cases, Monitors will first assess what they can reasonably expect, based on the size and type of site they are visiting, as not all questions in the Checklist are relevant to all sites. This creates a level playing field on which all sites, regardless of size or type, are able to achieve the highest scores.

Sites whose first visit falls after the 1 January 2010 will be monitored using the 2010 document. Please note, however, that, where the 2009 Checklist and scoring system has been used on sites’ first visits, it will also still be used on any second visits.

To download a copy of the new Checklist, please click here