The new Code and Checklist

The Considerate Constructors Scheme’s new five-point Code of Considerate Practice, supporting Checklist, scoring system and Monitor reports are now available to all registered sites and companies.

All registered sites and companies will be assessed on the new five-point Code. Scheme Monitors will be using the new supporting Checklist when assessing registered sites and companies, and will be reporting and scoring the visit using the revised formats. All Monitor visits will now be on the new five-point Code, even if a first visit was assessed on the eight-point version.

For 15 years, registered sites and companies have been monitored on the eight-point Code, which has largely remained unchanged. During this time, standards of considerate construction have greatly improved, so both the Scheme and the industry felt it was time to offer a greater challenge. The Scheme is pleased to report that only a minority of registered contractors now fail to comply with the Code, so the new scoring and reporting system places more emphasis on recognising good practice.

The new Code, and supporting documents, have been in development for over three years, in which time the Scheme has conducted a thorough review as to how it can continue to help the industry improve its image. During this time, the Scheme has been working closely with its Associate Members, as well as other contractors, clients and industry bodies to ensure the new Code remains aligned with the industry’s values, while challenging those who register to continuously improve their performance.

The Scheme has liaised with organisations such as BREEAM, Code for Sustainable Homes and Ska, to ensure contractors continue to receive credits for their registered sites.

Code of Considerate Practice
The Code of Considerate Practice features five sections instead of eight. The sections of the Code are:

Enhancing the Appearance
Respecting the Community
Protecting the Environment
Securing everyone’s Safety
Caring for the Workforce

The number of sections has been reduced to provide greater clarity for registered sites and companies to understand how to comply with the Code. Each section of the Code is now accompanied by an aspirational statement, followed by four bullet points which list the areas the Scheme will consider within that section.

The Code applies to all registered sites and companies, regardless of size, type and location.

Monitors’ Checklist
The Checklist supports the Code and asks a number of questions to establish what level a site or company is performing to. Bold questions reflect compliance with the Code, while non-bold questions establish performance beyond compliance.

The sections of the Checklist match those of the Code, and within each one there are ten questions. The four bold closed questions in each section are aligned to the four bullet points of the Code and allow the Monitor to establish whether the site has achieved compliance with the Scheme. The six non-bold open questions directly support the bold questions by asking ‘what’ is being done and ‘how’ things are being addressed to meet and exceed the required standards.

There are also a series of ‘prompts’ next to each question on the Checklist, which indicate specific items the Monitor may consider when establishing whether the site has met, or exceeded, the expectations of that Checklist question.

Each section of the Code is scored out of 10 points, with a score of 5 in each section signifying compliance. To achieve a score of 10, registered sites or companies must introduce innovative practices or thinking that goes far beyond the expectations of the Scheme and, as such, are considered to be advancing the standards by which the image of the industry is judged.

Monitor reports
The Monitor reports consist of two pages, with the first page including the site or company description, an executive summary of the visit and a record of any innovative activities.

The second page consists of the Monitors’ detailed notes against each section of the Code, with a score out of ten in each.

Monitor reports are a reflection of what was witnessed, and the information that was provided, in response to the Checklist questions at the time of the visit.

Commenting on the publication of the new Code, Chief Executive of the Scheme, Edward Hardy, said:

After three years in development, the Scheme is pleased to publish the new Code and supporting documents. Working with a number of contractors and clients throughout the review process, the Scheme is confident that the new Code remains in keeping with the industry’s values, and presents an exciting challenge for registered sites and companies in raising the benchmark of considerate construction.

Though the Code has been updated to remain aligned with the industry’s values, it is important to remember that the aim remains the same. The Scheme is still looking to see how registered sites and companies are improving the image of construction.

To view the new 2013 Code, Checklist, scoring system and Monitor reports, as well as additional information, including a special series of webinars on the changes, please click here

Alternatively, please email or call 0800 783 1423 for more information