2016 Monitors’ Checklist launched on 1 February


Since 1 February 2016, all registered sites, companies and suppliers are now monitored on the new 2016 Checklist.

Each year the Checklist is revised to reflect the ever-improving construction industry, and is updated as a result of extensive feedback gathered throughout the year from Scheme Monitors, Associate Members, other contractors and clients.

It is reviewed annually to ensure it remains current, relevant and challenging, not only for higher performing sites but for organisations and projects of any size, all eager to raise the bar of considerate construction and help improve the image of the industry.

Sites, companies and suppliers will have a transitional period of three months to ensure they have enough time to familiarise themselves with the new 2016 Checklist requirements before any changes affect their scores. From 1 February, Monitors will use the 2016 Checklist on all visits, even if a first visit was conducted using the 2015 version.

While highlighting good practice, Monitors will also note any areas for development in their reports, including whether any of the new Checklist additions have been considered, but the score will be unaffected. From 1 May, the 2016 Checklist will come into full effect, and any site, company or supplier not addressing the new questions/prompts will be scored accordingly.

The Scheme will use this transitional period to analyse reports, gather feedback from Monitors and identify best practice to share with the industry.

For an explanation of all of the changes made to the 2016 Checklist, click here

For a detailed explanation of the new compliance requirements, click here

Scheme Chief Executive Edward Hardy said:

We are delighted to publish the new Checklist which ensures that all registered sites, companies and suppliers continue raising the standards of considerate construction and set new benchmarks for 2016.

The industry is continually evolving and improving, and the Scheme’s annual review of the Checklist ensures that it always remains both accessible and challenging for all.

The Best Practice Hub has been updated using the 2016 Checklist and provides a vital resource for sites, companies and suppliers in providing examples and guidance to help address the new, as well as existing, areas.

Although the 2016 Checklist has undergone changes in all five sections of the Code of Considerate Practice, the most significantly revised sector is the ‘Value their Workforce’ section.

This includes a brand new question, 5.10, which asks ‘what is the site doing to improve its image and the overall image of the industry to attract and retain the workforce necessary for the future of construction?’. Sites, companies and suppliers should consider what additional services they offer their workforce such as qualifications, financial advice or counselling, alongside rewards, benefits and how they share best practice.

A number of new prompts to the 2016 Checklist are detailed below, including links to examples of each found on the Best Practice Hub:


Carbon offsetting


Health screening

Illegal workers


Social media

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