2017 Monitors’ Checklist now available

A new Monitors’ Checklist has been released by the Scheme to ensure it remains current, accessible and challenging to those looking to set new benchmarks.

Just a small number of adjustments have been made to the 2017 Checklist following quite extensive changes made at the start of 2016.

The 2017 Checklist has been revised following the Scheme’s customary annual review to identify any areas which need enhancing, amending or removing due to industry progress.

Care about Appearance

Just three amendments have been made to the ‘Care about Appearance’ section of the Checklist, with section 1.3 now asking, ‘Does the external appearance of all facilities, stored materials, vehicles and plant make a positive impression?’

This amendment now primarily focuses on the external appearance, as the internal appearance of facilities is covered within the ‘Value their Workforce’ section.

This question also now includes accommodation among its associated prompts, in recognition that the external appearance of cabins or welfare facilities can have a detrimental impact on the overall project.

The previous reference to facilities has now been removed from question 1.7 which now reads, ‘How are compounds, waste and storage areas cleaned, managed and maintained?’ Facilities is now specifically referenced within ‘Value their Workforce’, question 5.4.

Respect the Community

Additions to the ‘Respect the Community’ section of the Checklist include adding cycleways to question 2.2, ‘Are all reasonable efforts being made to minimise the impact of deliveries, parking and work on the public highway, cycleways and footpaths?’

In question 2.5, ‘How does the site ensure that all those affected, including visitors, are treated with consideration, courtesy and respect?’ accompanying prompts now include ramps and facilities for visitors.

The prompt of careers advice has now been removed from question 2.8, ‘What is being done to support and contribute to the local community, including promoting local employment?’ Meanwhile, the schools prompt has been amended to schools/colleges.

Secure everyone’s Safety

Some new prompts have been added to the ‘Secure everyone’s Safety’ section of the Checklist, under question 4.7, ‘What is done to ensure that the movement of vehicles and plant outside the site is not a risk to pedestrians, cyclists and other road users?’ These additions are inspections and access/egress.

The 2016 FORS/CLOCS prompt, found in question 4.7, has now been split into two separate ones as they are different initiatives. The prompt vehicle protection has been amended to vehicle enhancements and warning systems and sensors have been removed.

New prompts for 2017

These new prompts have been linked to the Scheme’s Best Practice Hub if you wish to find out more:


Facilities for visitors



Tackling illegal workers and improving road safety

The other notable changes made to the 2017 Checklist relate to four questions added under ‘Site-specific Data’, within the ‘Additional Information’ section of the Checklist. The answers to these questions are used solely to provide the Scheme and its trusted partners with the latest industry feedback to help identify trends in relation to these two pressing issues affecting the industry and do not form part of the Monitor’s assessment or scoring.

The first set of questions have been introduced to encourage sites, companies and supply chains to examine how they are ensuring the legitimacy of their workforce:

  • Are there processes in place to ensure subcontractors (and subsequent subcontractors) are conducting right to work checks?
  • Are physical spot checks conducted to ensure minimum standards of right to work checks are taking place within the supply chain?

Two questions have also been added to encourage greater adoption of a more considerate road safety culture. The questions assess the extent to which CLOCS – the national standard for Construction Logistics and Community Safety – is embedded across Scheme-registered sites, companies and suppliers.

  • Is the company a CLOCS Champion?
  • Is this site operating to the requirements of the CLOCS Standard?

This enhancement to the Checklist will gauge the level to which those registered with the Scheme are helping to raise safety standards for every road user and pedestrian affected by construction vehicles. Recognising this important industry standard for the protection of vulnerable road users has been part of the Scheme’s monitoring Checklist for a number of years. In October 2016, the Scheme became a partner in delivering the CLOCS Standard, further strengthening its support of this important initiative.

Commenting on the new Checklist, Chief Executive of the Scheme, Edward Hardy said:

With over 18,000 monitoring visits to sites, companies, and suppliers every year, the Scheme is the central part of instigating change to help raise standards and improve the image of the construction industry.

The Scheme’s monitoring Checklists are the backbone to effecting this change, and we are pleased to be introducing greater focus on helping to address the critical issues of tackling illegal working in construction and helping to embed a culture of safety through greater adoption of the CLOCS Standard.

The Checklist for registered sites is now available to download, along with a version with the changes highlighted and an explanatory note.

The Checklist for registered companies and suppliers will be published shortly, and those registered will be notified once they are made available.

Site Registration

2017 Site Registration Monitors’ Checklist (pdf format)

2017 Site Registration Monitors’ Checklist (Word format)

2017 Site Registration Monitors’ Checklist with changes highlighted

2017 Site Registration Monitors’ Checklist changes explained