2022 Registration Updates

Registration updates
Construction activities with a duration greater than 12 weeks (previously six weeks) will require site registration. This allows more reasonable time for monitoring and any remedial actions to take place.
An updated registrations portal is being developed to improve the registration experience with the ability to easily select products and update data. This will be linked to the Scheme’s registration management tools.
Company registration will be split into main contractor registration and sub-contractor registration to make a clearer distinction for registrants.
A Client assurance option for clients who wish to specify additional Scheme monitoring in their contracts is being introduced.

There is no change for Ultra Sites currently registered with the Scheme for the duration of the project. And in 2022 Ultra Site registration will continue as normal.

However, from 2023 all new site registrations over a value of £100m will need to be registered as Ultra Sites in recognition of the importance the supply chain plays in supporting considerate practice in projects of this scale and in doing so undertake Leadership and Culture and Environment, Social and Workforce Wellbeing modules. Companies likely to be affected by this change will be supported with guidance and materials in 2022 to help them prepare for the 2023 changes. Sites of a value less than £100m will also be able to request Ultra Site registration, should they wish.


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