2022 Updates to Code of Considerate Practice and Checklist

Updates for 2022 are intended to improve understanding, make the Code more accessible to all sizes of organisations and projects and support registered activity to develop their Code conformance.

The updates reflect today’s challenges for the construction industry and help sites and organisations to conform to considerate practice standards.

A series of drop-in sessions will be available for registered activities in the new year bringing an opportunity to build your understanding of the updates.

Code of Considerate Practice and Checklist Updates
The structure of the Code has been reduced from five sections to three, for improved clarity:

  • Respect the Community (includes appearance)
  • Care for the Environment
  • Value their Workforce (includes site safety)

Each of the three Code sections focuses on areas of industry challenge including:

Community – increased focus on pre-start community meetings and agreeing community needs, new expectation for planned disturbance abatement, and new expectation to demonstrate the delivery of agreed positive impact.

Environment – clearer requirements to identify environmental concerns and address these, a new expectation to set and record carbon emissions targets, and a new expectation to maintain/or improve the natural environment.

Workforce – clearer requirements to define EDI/FIR commitments, monitor performance and provide an accessible concern reporting process, a new expectation to define a wellbeing plan and review and record its effectiveness, clearer expectations regarding welfare facilities.

The Checklist has been designed to be a single Checklist for all registration types, a “Registered Activity”, means site, UltraSite, supplier, company, sub-contractor, or main contractor.
In line with best practice assurance methods, the Checklist has been updated to ask open questions first to establish “how” an organisation addresses the expectations of the Code of Considerate Practice, allowing Monitors to make a more informed judgement on registered activity conformance.
Within the Checklist, there are three conformance statements that relate to each of the three sections of the Code. For each conformance statement, there are three questions that confirm how the conformance requirement has been met.
Registered activity is required to demonstrate how it meets the expectation of the “How” question. Prompts in bold type will normally need to be addressed in the Registered Activity’s response, though the prompts are mostly now not mandatory and registered activities may define their own way of achieving the expectation set out in the “How” question.

Overall scoring remains aligned to the previous report score total, however registered activity will receive both an overall score and performance level.

There is increased support for learning and collaboration through recognising best practice engagement in scoring and improving the innovation recognition process. And with credit given for other certifications (for example, ISO and CAS) we are reducing the redundancy in assessment aligned elements of other assessments, allowing time to support registered activities achieve higher performance in other areas.

Click here to view the 2022 Code of Considerate Practice

Click here to view the 2022 Monitors Checklist

Updates have also been made to CCS Registrations and the Terms and Conditions, find out more below


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