Partnership products

A1 Posters

These posters can be displayed on any site registered with the Scheme by a Partner and are also available in 5 year, 10 year and 15 year versions for those who have achieved longevity as a Scheme Partner.

These posters are available at a cost of £25 (+VAT) and can be purchased by contacting the Scheme office on 0800 783 1423 or email


These measure 1.80m x 1.20m and are available from the administration office at a cost of £33.50 (+ VAT) per flag. When used, these should be maintained in a good condition.

Hard hat stickers

Sheet of stickers (57x50mm), 20 per sheet, available for £7.40 (+ VAT) each.

Pop up banner

A 2000mm x 800mm pop-up to help advertise your affiliation.

The easy-to-install, personalised pop-ups are designed to promote your Partnership at any event you may be running or attending.

The pop-up banner is available from the Scheme for £180 (+ VAT) each.

For all fees, click here.

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