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Complaints procedure

All sites and companies registered with the Scheme will display posters, vehicle stickers or banners (where appropriate), giving the contact details of both the registered site or company and the Scheme.

All complaints received by the Scheme from any source, regarding a registered site or company, are recorded.

All complaints are put into one of the following categories:

Noise, Dirt and Dust; Parking; Safety; Inconsiderate Behaviour; Road Conditions and Vehicle Movements; Environmental Concerns; Pedestrian Access Obstruction; Property Damage; Site Lighting; Working Hours; and Other.

The Scheme has designated staff trained to deal with any type of complaint.

If the complaint does not relate to an issue covered by the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice (for example, the Scheme cannot get involved with planning issues or in decisions relating to compensation), the complainant will be pointed in the appropriate direction.

When a complaint is received that is relevant to the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice, the site manager or company contact will be told what the complaint is about, and given the name and contact details of the complainant (with the complainant’s permission). Advice might also be offered as to how they might deal with the complaint.

The Scheme will stay in contact with the complainant until the site or company has investigated and responded to the complaint and until the Scheme is satisfied that the site is adhering to the Code of Considerate Practice, at which point the complaint will be taken off the ‘active’ list.

If the site manager or company contact does not deal with a complaint in a satisfactory manner, the complaint will be passed to the Scheme’s Chief Executive, who will refer the matter to the construction company’s head office contact (as listed on the registration form). In the event that the response is still unsatisfactory, and the contact is not a director, then the complaint will be taken to company director level.

The Scheme may attempt to mediate between the parties during this process. If, at any time, the Scheme’s Chief Executive considers that a reasonable agreement has been reached, the complaint will be taken off the active list. Where necessary, an experienced Scheme Monitor may visit the complainant and the site manager or company contact to seek resolution.

If a registered site or company fails to deal with a problem in an effective manner or if the Scheme’s Chief Executive believes them to be in breach of the Code of Considerate Practice, the Chief Executive will decide whether to remove the site or company from the Scheme.

Where the decision is to remove the site or company from the Scheme, the company and the client will be informed.

To complain about a site or company registered with the Scheme, you can email us at or call 0800 783 1423.

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