An educational partnership – Client Partner Nottingham Trent University and the Considerate Constructors Scheme

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) forged a closer relationship with the Scheme in November 2017 by becoming a valued Client Partner, having registered its projects for over 12 years.

The university first registered with the Scheme in 2006, signing up the Cels/Science Research Facility project at its Clifton Campus. It has since scooped three CCS National Site Awards for its projects and has now pledged to register all of its sites as part of its agreement as a Client Partner.

Industry Image asked Nottingham Trent University’s Sustainable Development Manager, Charmaine Morrell, about this long-term association with the Scheme and the benefits of becoming a Client Partner.

How would you describe the key benefits of your contractors registering with the Scheme?
NTU requires all of its contractors to register with the Scheme. We want to be proud of our builders and we hope to encourage them to act in a way that reflects NTU’s values, transforming the construction process into a positive experience for all involved.

NTU values relationships, and we seek to work with the same contractors where possible across our programme of works. In doing so, we hope that scoring can be monitored, compared and published so that contractors can see the positive impact they are making. This will help to instil a sense of pride in our workers as well as generating some healthy competition, which benefits everyone!

We encourage our contractors to share their innovative ideas with one another. This cross-site collaboration allows us to implement better and more considerate ways of working.

How does this assist you in providing evidence for your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, or other company objectives?
At NTU, a key strategic theme is creating a ‘University of the Future’. We aim to provide a first class learning experience for our students. The values and objectives of CCS are integral to that ambition and drive high standards in our regeneration activities and green campus aspirations. Becoming a Client Partner demonstrates our commitment to the values and objectives of CCS.


Congratulations on three of your projects being recognised at the Scheme’s 2018 National Site Awards – to what do you attribute your success?
At NTU, we’re always striving to innovate and improve the construction process and its impact on students, staff and the wider community. We have our own in-house construction team within the Estates department, which gives us significant control over the construction process and allows us to minimise noise and nuisance. Our commitment to wellbeing and social inclusion has far-reaching benefits. All of our development projects are embedded into construction-related courses at the University, allowing for collaboration between students and contractors.

How do you think the Scheme helps clients work with contractors to improve the image of construction?
The Scheme helps improve our relationships with contractors by encouraging greater collaboration and a holistic approach to projects, from conception to completion. It highlights the need to not only showcase the project and explain the reasons for it, but to consider the welfare of all the site teams. The Scheme has encouraged us to improve our communication skills in every aspect of the construction process.

Why did you decide to become a Client Partner with the Scheme in November 2017?
We have a long history of registering sites with the CCS. We are committed to the protection of people and the environment that are affected by our regeneration activities. We feel it’s important that our sites are registered with the CCS, whether we use our own in-house construction team or a main contractor. Becoming a Client Partner demonstrates the University’s commitment to the Scheme, which we believe can only help us further, whilst enhancing not only our reputation, but the image of construction.

What are the benefits of being a Client Partner with the Scheme?
As we want to achieve the highest standards in all of our construction projects, working collaboratively with CCS and other Client Partners can only help in achieving this. We are constantly striving to improve how we support our local community and our project partners (contractors, subcontractors and suppliers). This is done by reducing any negative impacts on the environment and creating a safe, welcoming campus for our staff and students.

What are your corporate aspirations for the future in association with the Scheme?
To work collaboratively with the CCS and other Client Partners to continue to improve the  image of construction. Our experience of the Scheme has been positive, insightful and engaging and ensures we continue to raise the bar with considerate construction.