Another successful Associates’ Meeting

Attendees at the Associates meeting

January 2007

Two important research projects relating to the future of the industry are being planned for 2007 by the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

The first project looks to incorporate all current thinking and published papers on the future of the construction industry to produce a single overview document to help shape the industry’s future direction. The second project will research to what degree the image of construction has improved over the last ten years.

Associate Members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme met recently to discuss these research options and to look at the Scheme’s role in shaping the future for UK construction. Amongst the many facets discussed, the distancing of reputable contractors from rogue or cowboy elements was one benefit of Scheme membership felt to be increasingly important, particularly amongst the smaller contractors. Recognition of the Scheme as a “quality brand mark” within the industry and its clients was felt to be strong, but further initiatives are now planned to widen recognition amongst the general public.

Peter Kingdon, Scheme Chairman commented:
“We are fortunate in having many of the industry’s key players amongst our Associate Membership, and their expertise and vision will help both the Scheme and the industry in general to focus on the best ways forward.”