Associate Members’ meet

November 2008

The Considerate Constructors Scheme held a fruitful meeting with its Associate Members at Coombe Abbey hotel, Coventry, on 11 November.

Representatives of the 34 Associate companies met to hear about current and future Scheme initiatives and to discuss the Scheme and relevant industry issues.
As part of the meeting, Don Ward of Constructing Excellence was invited to give a presentation about the 2012 Commitments, which showed a great deal of alignment with the aims and direction of the Scheme.

The Associate members also took part in a discussion forum, run by an independent organisation, designed to delve into their views and opinions of the Scheme and how it can move forward into the future. A beneficial suggestion arising from this debate was that the Scheme should assess the views of those working on registered sites, in order to develop fresh ways in which sites can improve, to the benefit of those working on them.

The results of this discussion forum will be used as part of an annual self assessment process by the Scheme, designed to ensure that it is doing all that it can to encourage and promote improving standards of consideration throughout the construction industry.

Members also considered the implementation of the new Checklist, and agreed that the new and more challenging version, issued during August, will help further the Scheme’s aims of continuous improvement.

The meeting was followed by a dinner, which provided an opportunity for further informal discussion and debate.

The Scheme’s General Manager, Edward Hardy, said: The views and ideas of our Associate Members play a vital and worthwhile part in the running and development of the Scheme and we thank them once again for their valuable contribution at this meeting and throughout the past half year.