Associate Members’ Meeting Spring 2010

May 2010

The Considerate Constructors Scheme held another interesting meeting with its Associate Members at Coombe Abbey hotel, Coventry, on 25 May.

31 representatives from Associate companies and Scheme Directors met to discuss relevant industry issues and Scheme aims. The meeting began with Chairman, Robert Biggs, who introduced new Associate Member Southdale Ltd and presented them with an Associate Member’s plaque. Edward Hardy, Chief Executive, then gave a Scheme update presentation.

Photograph at the Associates Meeting

The Associate Members were then split into two discussion forums, run by independent facilitators, designed to create provocative debate on how the Scheme is moving forward, and what can be improved. An interesting view that arose from these discussions was that the Scheme should provide refresher workshops for site managers, thus offering greater understanding of the Scheme’s requirements. Also discussed was the direction and development of the Scheme and how raising awareness to the general public, as well as to clients, would be beneficial in the overall aim to improve industry standards.

The results of these forums will be used by the Scheme in their self assessment process, to ensure that it is taking on beneficial suggestions from its Associate Members, in order to continue raising standards of consideration throughout the construction industry.

The meeting was then followed by an informal dinner, which provided the attendees with an opportunity for further discussion.

Robert Biggs, Scheme Chairman commented: We greatly value our Associate Member’s input whom we use as a sounding board for all Scheme ideas and this improves the Schemes’ development as a whole.  As part of developing the way in which we work together we will be bringing forward formal terms of reference and ideas for future methods of working.

As the number of Associate Member companies increases the format of these bi-annual meetings will be revised to ensure all members are able to input into the Scheme.

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