“The Leading Light Awards are great for inspiring our team to push on to equal or better previous performance… To have third party endorsement of our efforts in the form of a national award is concrete reinforcement of our ethos.”

Martin Standley, Senior Project Manager, Sewell Construction Ltd – Overall Site Award Winner, in the Workforce category, Leading LIghts Awards 2022

awards and banding


There are four Awards types available, under each award type there are three categories which reflect the Code of Considerate Practice: Community, Environment, Workforce. Your Scheme registration will determine what award type you are eligible for:

  • Organisation Registrations (main contractors, subcontractors and suppliers) are eligible for Organisation Awards
  • Site Registrations are eligible for Site Awards
  • Ultra Site Registrations are eligible for Ultra Site Awards
  • All of the above are eligible to nominate individuals for the Individual Champion Awards

There is a maximum of three entries allowed per award type for Sites, Ultra Sites and Organisations. Individuals can only enter three submissions, but there is no limit to how many individuals can be put forward.

During the Awards ceremony, we will also reveal one overall winning Site, Ultra Site and Organisation in each of the three main award categories: Community, Environment and Workforce.  Check out the eligibility criteria before entering.

Individual Champion Awards

Individual Awards are open to anyone who is linked to a Registered Site, Ultra Site, or Organisation, without restriction on turnover, value, or role. 

Individuals can enter in the Community, Environment and Workforce categories and submit any topic under these. Each nominee can only be entered once in each category.

Sites, Ultra Sites and Organisations Awards

There are three categories to enter (Community, Environment and Workforce) with three sub-categories in each.

You can submit up to three entries in any of the three subcategories under Community, Environment and Workforce. It is possible to submit all your entries in the same sub-category.

categories and sub-categories


Community Enrichment

A Site/ Organisation/project that has given back to the community. Improved, developed and/or invested (not only financial) in the community. Has a legacy been created? Are there any educational benefits?

Example: community garden (creating a green space)

Local Sourcing

Evidence of local employment and/or sourcing company/site equipment, materials, supplies – supporting local businesses etc.

Community Engagement

Proactively maintaining effective engagement with the community to deliver meaningful positive impacts that is reflective of a need. How the organisation/site positively engaged with the community.  What impact this had both prior, during and past the activity?


Plastic Reduction

Best reuse effort of plastics/reusing plastics for other products/minimisation of plastics. Monitoring and implementation of processes successfully.

Natural Environment Enhancement

Application of known methods to identify and evaluate natural environment enhancements, with demonstrable improvement, identification, and eradication of invasive species, ensuring the protection of endangered species.

Energy Efficiency

Such as the use of solar panels on buildings, generating green energy on-site, machines that switch off automatically, non-idling, relative measure in carbon reduction, use of electric vehicles, use of biofuels and any other energy-efficient developments and implementation techniques.


Physical Wellbeing

Has the registered activity produced, maintained, and successfully implemented any company/site policies surrounding physical wellbeing of employees? How is this monitored/developed?

Mental Health

Has the registered activity produced, maintained, and successfully implemented any company/site policies surrounding mental health of employees? How is this monitored/developed?

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Has the organisation made a notable contribution towards maintaining an equal, diverse, and inclusive environment for the workforce? What has been the result?

individual awards

individual community champion

Someone who has gone the extra milefor local people.


Someone that has championed sustainability.

Individual workforce champion

Someone who has encouraged wellbeing, diversity, and inclusivity among their colleagues.


Entrants will be organised into bandings according to their project value or Organisation turnover; therefore, each category will have several winners. This way, in the interests of achieving a level playing field, we can make sure you are only judged against similar competitors. 

2023 awards bandings as follows:


  • Micro/Small (Under £5m)
  • Medium (£5m to £50m)
  • Large (£50m to £100m)
  • Very Large (Over £100m)


  • Micro/Small (Under £5m)
  • Medium (£5m to £50m)
  • Large (£50m to £100m)
  • Very Large (Over £100m)

ultra sites and

  • No bands


If you have any queries, questions, or feedback please contact us by email at or call 0800 783 1423.
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