Benjamin Gibbs, Marketing & Sustainability Manager, TCi (GB) Ltd for the initiative TCi Sustainability Charter

Benjamin Gibbs is a passionate champion of the environment and through his unwavering commitment to raise standards of sustainability in the industry, he has spearheaded a new Sustainability Charter for specialist construction, fit-out and refurbishment firm TCi (GB) Ltd.

Ben joined TCi (GB) Ltd in 2016 as Marketing and Sustainability Manager with an ambitious vision to improve the company’s environmental impact and influence change across its business and through its supply chain. Having launched numerous initiatives over the years, he felt strongly for the need to formalise his approach and incorporate his work into TCi (GB) Ltd’s overall business strategy. Working with TCi (GB) Ltd’s management team, Ben created a bespoke Sustainability Charter made up of six core areas of achievement and continuous improvement, aligning it with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Not only would the charter help focus TCi (GB) Ltd strategic approach, but it would also help demonstrate the work they’ve already undertaken as part of an entry for the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

Ben started by collating existing initiatives and KPIs to identify any gaps in the commitments of the business. Certain objectives were already established thanks to certification standards such as ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015, registering with the Considerate Constructors Scheme and being a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School. At each stage, engagement with the board of directors was essential to achieve buy-in and support.

Through this work, Ben established and agreed a set of environmental goals with accompanying objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs), together with governing documents to ensure processes were in place to keep the business on-track with its commitments. He also created a visual representation of the charter signed by all managers and heads of departments which hangs prominently at its head office and is available digitally to everyone.

A key challenge in creating the charter was to ensure it was still relevant in the years ahead, so careful consideration was taken when establishing goals and wording. Choosing an early date to commit to becoming carbon-neutral was also a challenge, but the board unanimously agreed to start from 2022.

Developing new initiatives to support the Charters KPIs, Ben’s work has inspired a cultural shift within the company with a zero waste-to-landfill philosophy accounting for all site waste, and environmental considerations made at each stage of procurement. TCi (GB) Ltd has since developed its internal core values to reflect the charter and now operates an incentivised workforce feedback scheme to encourage continuous improvement. In 2021, TCi (GB) Ltd raised almost £6000 for its chosen charity, North Devon Hospice and has become a UNESCO Biosphere Business Partner, pledging to do more for the local environment.

Through his ongoing commitment, Ben has made significant strides in promoting sustainability by raising awareness as a speaker at events in the region and encouraging businesses across TCi (GB) Ltd’s supply chain to adopt sustainable practices, leaving a lasting legacy for the business and beyond.