Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd, Wood Wharf, for the initiative: “Biodiversity enhancements”

Passionate about creating, conserving and enhancing wildlife habitats, Canary Wharf Contractors has made a significant contribution to enriching the biodiversity of one of central London’s largest privately owned developments. Wood Wharf is a high-density, mixed-use waterfront site comprising of 37 new buildings including 3000 residential, retail, and commercial buildings across 23 acres.

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Biodiversity & construction

To complement its waterside location and support thousands of new residents, Canary Wharf Contractors knew it needed to go beyond its remit to enhance the biodiversity of the site. The company’s vision was to create an ecosystem and supporting amenities that would seamlessly integrate with the development’s public spaces, giving the community a vibrant wildlife-rich area and a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Appointing a qualified ecologist, an ecological assessment and survey were undertaken to determine the baseline conditions of the site pre-development. The survey identified areas of enhancement that would form the basis of an ecology and nature plan.

The plan included:

Ecology islands

Helping bring the water to life, ecology islands were created to provide an attractive environment for birdlife to graze and invertebrates and fish to feed and seek shelter.

Biodiverse roofs

Over 3,100m2 of living roofs have been installed and planted with native grasses and mosses for wildlife to flourish in an otherwise uninhabitable place.

Nest and bird boxes

Encouraging the nesting of bird species, 28 nest boxes have been installed to date with more to follow.

Green spaces

Supporting the movement of birds and insects, a new tree network has been planted to connect the green garden spaces across the development. Lower level planting of shrubs and herbaceous species will attract pollinating insects and provide both shade and safe corridors for wildlife.

Management and maintenance plan

Ensuring new wildlife habitats continue to develop and thrive in the years ahead, the site   enlisted a team of ecologists to monitor performance and adapt maintenance regimes over time. Biodiversity training and toolbox talks were also delivered to help educate trade contractors and gain their buy in and help in remaining vigilant in the upkeep of the site.

Public outreach

It was imperative to keep the general public informed of the sites ecological improvements, so a regular newsletter was published, school visits were undertaken, and hoardings displayed information related to the project.

With the Wood Wharf Development, Canary Wharf Contractors have created impressive new areas of green space and wetlands for wildlife to thrive and the local community to experience and enjoy, leaving a biodiversity net gain its team can be proud of.


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