Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd, Wood Wharf, for the initiative: “Breaking the Plastic Habit Initiative”

In its fight to combat climate change, Canary Wharf Contractors have saved over 19.61m3 of plastic waste through its ‘Break the Plastic Habit’ initiative to reduce waste on its Wood Wharf development. Collaborating with the supply chain was crucial to identify opportunities to rethink the use of plastic, (in particular single use) and search for sustainable alternatives. Notable changes include: recycling waste proplex that would have ended up in landfill and remanufacturing them as part of Protec’s ClosedLoop Remanufacturing Scheme, and replacing cutlery and plates in the canteen with compostable products. Stimulating discussion on sustainable procurement has seen a fall in waste and has upskilled the team to consider the use of plastic beyond the construction site.

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