Mace for the initiative ‘New health and safety approach – SODA (Safety through Observation, Discussion and Action)’

Mace is an international consultancy and construction company. On one of its larger projects, where Mace is responsible for some 900 operatives, a new HSW initiative was introduced to enhance the safety culture. The new programme, SODA (Safety through Observation, Discussion and Action), enables construction staff and trade contractors to jointly increase safety awareness through engagement and collective ownership.

SODA was developed by the project HSW team to help improve safety performance for all operatives, by reviewing site safety and sharing real time data with trade contractors on safety behaviour and risks. Construction and H&S managers observe behaviours and engage workers using the prompt questions in the SODA app, based on Mace’s ‘4 Steps to Safety’ procedure. At risk behaviours can be swiftly addressed and positive feedback given where deserved to support best practice. Trends can then easily be identified across the project and acted on appropriately.

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