DAWSON-WAM Ltd, Shimna Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) for the initiative Eliminating 180 cubic meters of polystyrene waste from landfill

As part of the Shimna Flood Alleviation Scheme to protect 320 properties in an existing floodplain, DAWSON-WAM have successfully saved over 180 cubic meters of polystyrene waste from landfill. As part of its environmental management plan to reduce waste, the team needed to explore ways to reuse waste generated from its used polystyrene void formers. Through their existing contacts DAWSON-WAM identified a firm to compact, recycle and transport the product to Spain where it would be used as building insulation for the housing market. Turning waste materials into a new product for a different market has helped support the project’s sustainability goals and reduce its carbon footprint, becoming a blueprint for waste management plans on future projects.

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